Tuesday, September 13, 2022

August 2022 Dividend Stock Purchases

As I'm writing this blog post, it's mid-September. This unofficially means that summer is basically over here in Central Wisconsin, even though fall is still officially nearly two weeks away. This is reflected by the fact that the high temperature for today will be just 64 degrees Fahrenheit. And the next couple of days will be in the high-50 degrees Fahrenheit range.

With that aside, it's now time to dig into my dividend (and non-dividend) stock purchases for the month of August 2022.

I started off the month by adding six shares to my position in National Retail Properties (NNN) at an average cost of $47.34 a share. Readers interested in my rationale for this decision can refer to my August 2022 Dividend Stock Watch List post from a couple of months ago. This purchase boosted my net annual forward dividends by $13.20, which is equivalent to a 4.65% dividend yield.

My first non-dividend stock purchase during August was increasing my stake in Alphabet (GOOGL) by a share at a cost of $114.70. As I noted in my July 2022 Dividend Stock Purchases post, GOOGL dominates the digital advertising industry with the highest market share. And it isn't unreasonable to think that it will be an all-time great dividend growth stock in due time.

The other non-dividend stock addition for the month was Amazon (AMZN), which I added a share of at a cost of $140.01. Much like GOOGL is the unrivaled leader of the digital advertising industry, AMZN is the leader of cloud computing and e-commerce. This is why I will continue to add to my positions in the two stocks.

I also purchased two more shares of Visa (V) in August at an average cost per share of $213.57. The stock was also on my watch list for the month because of its leadership in the payments industry and the continued transition away from cash. This transaction added $3.00 to my net annual forward dividends, which works out to a 0.70% weighted average net yield.

Another dividend stock purchase that I executed for the month was two shares of Texas Instruments (TXN) at an average cost of $177.65 a share. I was compelled to add to my stake in the stock due to its industry leadership and the promising outlook of the semiconductor industry. The $9.20 in net annual forward dividends that resulted from this purchase equates to a 2.59% net dividend yield.

The final dividend (distribution) stock purchase that I completed in August was 26 units of Energy Transfer (ET) at an average cost per unit of $11.80. The $23.92 boost to net annual forward distributions from this purchase is equivalent to a 7.80% weighted average net yield.

Concluding Thoughts:

I deployed $1,627.90 in capital during the month of August. Given the $49.32 in net annual forward dividends that were added from these purchases, my weighted average net dividend yield was 3.03% for the month.

Along with the $9.284 in dividend increases that I received in the month, this propelled my net annual forward dividend income higher from just under $3,070 at the start of the month to just over $3,125 heading into September. For the rest of this year and possibly into early next year, I anticipate that my capital deployment will closely resemble that of August 2022 as I shift my priorities to regaining my health above all else.


How did your dividend stock purchases fare in August 2022?

Did you add any new holdings to your portfolio during the month?

Thanks for reading. Please feel free to comment below!

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