Wednesday, June 10, 2020

May 2020 Dividend Stock Purchases

As I'm writing this blog post on June 6th, the NBA is set to resume its season at the end of July and the NBA Finals are expected to conclude sometime in mid-October.

After over 12 weeks of no NBA basketball and the Bucks' potential championship run being on hold, I am excited for the end of July to see what this team can accomplish in this season of unprecedented challenges.

With that exciting announcement out of the way, I'll be discussing the investment activity within my investment portfolio for last month.

The only actual activity within my portfolio that involved the purchase of stocks or mutual funds came within my retirement account, where I invested $391.96 between my contributions and the contributions of my employer. 

Net of sales charges, my employer and I contributed $374.33 to my portfolio and my total share count of Capital Income Builder (CAIBX) increased by 6.761 shares from 104.572 shares to end April to 111.333 shares to end May.

As a result of the above capital contributions, my annual forward dividend income was boosted by $14.47, which equates to a net yield of 3.87%.

The only other activity within my investment portfolio was my $2,475.19 reduction in margin debt from $4,964.66 to $2,489.47.

This halving of my Robinhood margin resulted in a $123.76 increase in my annual forward dividends net of margin interest.

Factoring in that I need to pay off a bit of credit card debt that will start bearing interest this September and my usual living expenses, I am well on track to eliminate all of my margin debt in July aside from the interest free $1,000 portion that will essentially cover the cost of Robinhood Gold and allow me to access Morningstar's reports for free.

Concluding Thoughts:

As a result of a 3 paycheck month and a $1,200 stimulus check, May was a great month in terms of deleveraging my Robinhood portfolio and building my retirement portfolio.

Including the suspension of Tanger Factory Outlet Centers' (SKT) dividend last month, my annual forward dividend income was boosted by $122.50 from just under $1,100 to $1,220. 

I deployed a total of $2,849.52 in May at an average yield of 4.85%.


How was your month in terms of capital deployment?

Did you endure any dividend cuts or suspensions during the month of May as I did with SKT?

As always, thanks for reading and I look forward to the comments that you leave in the comment section below!

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