Sunday, July 22, 2018

June 2018 Dividend Income

Another month has passed, and another month of dividends have hit my brokerage account and retirement account. Overall, I received dividends from 13 companies and 1 mutual fund in the month of June. Below is a summary of the dividends I received from June:

In total, I received $38.64 in dividends in June. $31.51 of this originated from my Robinhood brokerage account, while the other $7.13 was dividends from Capital Income Builder (CAIBX) in my Simple IRA account.

Overall, I'm very pleased with this month as it was the most income I've received in a month since I started investing in September 2017. This was in large part due to newcomers to my portfolio paying dividends, such as SJM, SO, AMGN, JNJ, HD, D, and PEP. 

How was your June? Was your June the best month you've ever had?  Did you have any new dividend payers for the month?


  1. Kody,

    Nice month here! I like the companies that paid you a dividend and you are receiving dividends from a nice portfolio. I'm excited to start following along and seeing you more in the community. Keep it up.


  2. Hey Kody. Welcome to the dividend blogging party. Only 21 and getting started, that is just awesome. You will be living off your dividends at 35. Congrats in advance. I won't even hold that you are a Packer fan against you (at least not yet) :) Tom

  3. To embarrassed to admit. Let's just say the Southern most team in the NFC North. You can figure it out from there. Tom