Tuesday, June 11, 2024

July 2024 Dividend Stock Watch List

As I'm writing this blog post, it is currently Saturday, June 8. The high temperature is expected to reach 72 degrees Fahrenheit later today here in Central Wisconsin. It is also going to be partly sunny, so I plan to get outside later today for this perfect weather.

Now that I have made most of my purchases for the month of June, it's not too early to start thinking about my potential purchases for next month. Without further ado, here are three dividend stocks at the top of my list right now.

Dividend Stock #1: Brookfield Asset Management (BAM)

The first dividend stock on my watch list for June 2024 is Brookfield Asset Management (BAM). Readers interested in my full investment thesis for BAM can find it in this Seeking Alpha article from last month.

The gist of it is that BAM is a leading player within the growing alternative asset management industry. The company's A-rated balance sheet also had approximately $2.6 billion of liquidity as of March 31 against no long-term debt. The 4% dividend yield is well-covered and I also believe the payout is positioned for robust future growth. The stock also looks to be modestly discounted from the current $38 share price (as of June 8, 2024).

Dividend Stock #2: Essential Utilities (WTRG)

The next dividend stock that I'm thinking about adding to next month is Essential Utilities (WTRG). Last month, I provided my comprehensive investment thesis in a Seeking Alpha article.

Briefly, WTRG is a water utility that I believe can grow earnings by 6% to 7% annually long term. The balance sheet is also A-rated. The 3.3% dividend yield appears to be secure and set to keep growing by around 7% each year. Throw in considerable undervaluation and I believe double-digit annual total returns are likely from the current $37 share price (as of June 8, 2024).

Dividend Stock #3: Mastercard (MA)

The third dividend stock on my watch list for June 2024 is Mastercard (MA). My investment thesis remains unchanged from when I last covered MA on Seeking Alpha in January 2024.

As an established leader behind Visa (V) in the global payments industry, MA is well-positioned to keep benefiting from the transition toward cashless payments. This should lead to routine double-digit annual earnings growth. The 0.6% dividend yield leaves plenty of room for future dividend growth as well. If that wasn't enough, MA also possesses an A-rated balance sheet. The cherry on top is that I believe shares are modestly undervalued from the current $450 share price (as of June 8, 2024).

Concluding Thoughts:

Another month. Another three world-class dividend growth stocks. Absent meaningful rallies in BAM or MA (or a massive rally in WTRG), I'm looking forward to adding to my positions in these excellent businesses.


Are any of BAM, WTRG, or MA on your watch list for the coming weeks?

If not, what dividend stocks are on your radar?

Thanks for reading and please feel free to comment below!

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