Tuesday, April 9, 2024

March 2024 Dividend Income

As I'm writing this blog post, it's April 3rd. My paternal grandma is officially 86 years old today! After a relatively warm March, the weather has cooled off in recent days to start April here in Central Wisconsin. The temperature today is 34 degrees Fahrenheit and the ground is covered with a few inches of snow.

I'm not complaining, though. We have had limited snowfall so far this season and not much rain, either. So, I'll take precipitation however we can get it for the grass to get greened up.

Now that March is in the books, I will take a look at my dividend income for the month.

Nearing A Major Milestone For The Portfolio

In March 2024, I received $476.14 in net dividends (adjusting for ADR fees on BP dividends and withholdings on BAM dividends). Against the $529.78 in net dividends that I collected in December 2023, that's a -10.1% quarterly growth rate. Factoring out $81.26 in special dividends received from CAIBX (net of the $10 annual fee), my net dividend income was up 6.2%.

Compared to the $392.62 in net dividends that I collected in March 2023, this is a 21.3% year-over-year growth rate.

My residual Robinhood net dividends and Charles Schwab net dividends totaled $372.66 from 47 companies. This was driven by dividend raises announced in December, January, and February. The timing of an $8.15 dividend payment from United Parcel Service (UPS) also played a role in the income derived within these accounts.

I received $85.96 in regular net dividends from my Capital Income Builder or CAIBX mutual fund within my retirement account. That was due to a raise in the quarterly dividend per share and a higher share count from dividend reinvestment.

My net dividends collected in my Webull account from six companies were $16.97. This was the result of Prudential Financial's (PRU) 4% raise in the quarterly dividend per share announced in February.

In my M1 Finance account, the timing of UPS' dividend payment offset the timing of Fastenal's (FAST) dividend payment. Along with an extra $0.01 each from Aflac (AFL), Amgen (AMGN), and NextEra Energy (NEE) stemming from recent dividend hikes, this is how my net dividends were $0.55 from 23 companies.

Concluding Thoughts:

My portfolio is edging closer to generating $500 in monthly net dividends for the months of March, June, and September, as I surpassed $500 in December with special dividends from my CAIBX holding included. Overall, I hope to be blessed enough to continue this journey in the months and years that lie ahead. After years of hard work and (mostly) diligent capital deployment, it's starting to pay off!


How was your dividend income in March 2024?

Did you collect any special dividends or first-time dividends during the month?

Thanks for reading and please feel free to comment below!

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