Tuesday, August 15, 2023

September 2023 Stock Watch List

As I'm writing this blog post, it is Monday, August 7. The workweek has just begun, but I'm definitely looking forward to a three day weekend that I am taking beginning on Friday. The temperatures here in Central Wisconsin are going to range from the high-70 degrees Fahrenheit to high-80 degrees Fahrenheit during that time. Paired with a mostly sunny forecast with occasional showers, this is ideal weather for summertime.

By the time this blog will be published, August will be half over. That means now isn't a bad time to look ahead to September. Here are three stocks that I am putting on my watch list for the month.

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Stock #1: Chipotle Mexican Grill (CMG)

The first stock on my watch list for September 2023 is Chipotle Mexican Grill (CMG). Interested readers can check out my investment thesis on the stock (and Lowe's) in this recently published Motley Fool article.

CMG opens hundreds of restaurants each year, yet it has closed no restaurants for the last three quarters. This impressive key stat is why management believes the company is at less than half of its total restaurant potential in North America. As amazing of an investment as CMG has been in recent years, this still gives it plenty of market-beating upside over the next five- to 10-years from the current $1,890 share price (as of August 7, 2023).

Stock #2: Kinder Morgan (KMI)

The next stock on my watch list for next month is Kinder Morgan (KMI). Curious readers can peruse my investment thesis on the stock (and Altria Group) from a June 2022 Motley Fool article as the long-term story is intact.

The global demand for crude oil, natural gas, and gasoline isn't going anywhere for at least the next few decades. In fact, total aggregate demand is almost certainly going to rise as global economic growth continues. The company's 6.5% dividend yield looks to be sustainable, which makes it a buy at the current $17 share price (as of August 7, 2023).

Stock #3: Lockheed Martin (LMT)

The third stock on my watch list for September 2023 is Lockheed Martin (LMT). Readers can take a look at my Motley Fool article from November 2021 on the stock (and Enterprise Products Partners, Magellan Midstream Partners, British American Tobacco, and Verizon Communications) for the investment thesis.

Basically, military defense spending is practically guaranteed until the end of time. As the largest defense contractor in the world, LMT is primed to keep growing as a result. This should support a growing dividend as well, which makes the stock and its 2.7% dividend yield a buy at the current $450 share price (as of August 7, 2023).

Concluding Thoughts:

September 2023 should hopefully be another month of capital deployment between $3,000 and $3,500. I'm very much looking forward to adding to my positions in at least two quality dividend payers and opening a position in one of the best growth stocks on the planet in CMG in September!


Are any of the stocks mentioned above on your watch list for September 2023?

If not, what stocks are you interested in for next month?

Thank you for reading and please leave your comments below!

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