Tuesday, December 21, 2021

My Financial & Personal Goals for 2022

Since there are only two weeks left in this year at the time of writing, there's no better time than now to look ahead to the next year and set goals.

Without further ado, here are my financial and personal goals for 2022.

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My Financial Goals for 2022

1. Receive at least $2,700 in net dividends

My first financial goal for 2022 is to collect at least $2,700 in net dividends next year, which I believe is realistic. That's because I am on track to receive close to $1,800 in net dividends this year. My net dividends would only need to grow just under $900 to reach this figure, which works out to investing approximately $27,000 at an average weighted yield of 3.25%, not considering dividend increases.

2. End the year with net annual forward dividends of at least $3,200

The second financial goal that I have is to end next year with net annual forward dividends of at least $3,200. Given that I'll be heading into next year with $2,300 in net annual forward dividends, this would again require roughly $28,000 in investments at a 3.25% yield. This strikes a good balance between being both a lofty and a doable goal.

3. Surpass $100,000 in investments and a net worth of at least $110,000

The final financial goal that I have for 2022 is to end the year with over $100,000 in investments and a net worth of at least $110,000. Since my investments are currently worth $68,000 and I anticipate that I will invest nearly $30,000 next year (including selective dividend reinvestment), my holdings would only need to appreciate about 4% in the next 12 months. This seems pretty reasonable in my opinion. And because I generally have $1,500 in savings and checking and a vehicle worth around $11,000, getting to $100,000 in investments would give me a clear path to $110,000 in net worth by the end of next year.

My Personal Goals for 2022

1. Publish at least 300 articles for Motley Fool

The first personal goal that I have for next year is to publish at least 300 articles over at The Motley Fool. This builds in the equivalent of two weeks of vacation each year as long as I get at least 6 articles a week published the other 50 weeks of the year, which I have been doing for months now.

My reasoning for aiming to publish this many articles over at The Motley Fool is two fold. Financially, it should allow me to hit my goals for next year and helps me to make considerable progress in achieving financial independence by age 35, which is a long-term goal of mine. Secondly, it's a nice balance between work and relaxation. That's because this workload at TMF, along with doing 1 Seeking Alpha article and 1 blog post each week, equates to approximately 35 hours a week of work.

2. Publish 1 Seeking Alpha article each week

Consistent with my sentiment above, I am going to stick with publishing 1 Seeking Alpha article a week. I believe this overall workload gets me to financial independence reasonably fast, while also giving me enough free time each week to recharge.

3. Publish 1 blog post every week

Finally, my third goal is to continue publishing 1 blog post a week for the same reasons I outlined above.

Concluding Thoughts:

While 2021 isn't quite over yet, I'm projecting that I will likely have achieved at least four out of my six goals for the year. Stay tuned for my blog post next week where I will detail my goals that I achieved and failed for this year.

Next year will be yet another exciting year in that it will be my first full year with TMF since I didn't quit my day job until this past July. Thus far, my earnings have been moderately higher at TMF than they would have been at my day job, while I'm also working less and avoiding a couple of hours each week that would have been spent commuting to and from work. 

Financially, I stand a good chance of reaching the milestone of $100,000 in investments next year. As Berkshire Hathaway's Vice Chairman Charlie Munger put it: "The first $100,000 is a bitch." With the passage of time, my dividend stock portfolio is growing bigger and beginning to produce meaningful results. It's my hope that in 10-15 years, my portfolio will be working nearly as hard as I have been in securing the capital to build it over the years. Next year will be yet another chance to take another step closer toward making that dream a reality. 

I'm so glad that I live in one of the few countries in the history of the world with the conditions that have allowed me to achieve what I have thus far financially. God bless the U.S.A.


What are your goals for next year?

Out of all of your goals, do you anticipate any will be more difficult than your others to attain?

I appreciate your readership and encourage you to leave comments in the section below. Also, I wish you the best of luck in reaching your goals next year!


  1. Looking forward to seeing you crush these goals in 2022! It's hard to believe that 2022 is already here and underway. It's awesome that you've been able to make the jump to freelance writing to replace your income and still maintain the same investment levels as before. The big goal for 2022 for us on the finance side is to get to $10k in forward dividends for our main FI Portfolio which we should be able to reach by I'd guess sometime in Q2 or Q3. We're about $600 away starting off the year. On the personal/lifestyle front we're really hoping to narrow down on some property something in the 1-3 ac range and at least start the process of building a house, but first finding the land in an area we like.

  2. Thanks for stopping by and your support over the years. Best of luck on crushing your financial/personal goals this year!