Tuesday, August 18, 2020

The Importance Of An FI Schedule And What Mine Would Look Like

It was a few weeks ago when I used a couple days vacation and therefore had a 4 day weekend, that I began to seriously ponder how I would structure my time in the event that I was financially independent.

As my vacation progressed, I started to realize just how important it is for my days to have at least a semblance of structure.

It would probably feel great to be FI and have unstructured days for the first few weeks initially and be mostly unproductive because I don't remember the last time that I was able to do so, which makes it a bit of a novelty to me that I would at least try for a bit.

However, I do believe that free and easy approach to FI would wear off for me after a while as I typically tend to follow the same pattern each and every weekend, whereby I balance my weekends with side hustles, media consumption, exercise, and spending time with family.

It is with that in mind, that I present my tentative daily FI schedule that I have been occasionally contemplating for the past few weeks.

FI Schedule:

10:00-11:00 AM: Wake up to no alarm clock, prepare/eat breakfast, brush teeth, etc.

11:00 AM-11:00 PM: Read several of my favorite personal finance blogs, watch various YT videos pertaining to personal finance, browse Seeking Alpha, and prepare/eat lunch

1:00-3:00 PM: Research, draft, edit, and publish a daily post for the blog

3:00-5:30 PM: Write and edit roughly half of a Seeking Alpha article on an enticing and timely dividend stock that caught my attention

5:30-7:00 PM: Exercise, shower, and prepare/eat dinner

7:00 PM-1:00 AM: Spend time with family, binge TV series, and get ready for bed

Concluding Thoughts:

While I'll readily admit that this schedule is at least a decade in advance of when I am anticipating I will reach FI and my interests are bound to change to at least some extent over the next decade, I maintain that it is never too early to begin planning what you would do when you eventually achieve financial independence.

This was an interesting activity to me because I had never thought about an FI schedule to this extent before and upon doing so, I have found that life is really open to possibilities when you aren't working 40+ hours/week at a day job.

I admittedly have barely filled the majority of my waking hours with activities I am confident I will feel the same about in 10 years (i.e. exercising and blogging/freelance writing in some capacity) upon contemplating an FI schedule, so I need to continue to work on filling this schedule with what truly drives me in life and gives me meaning to achieve the feeling of life fulfillment and fully enjoy financial independence.


Have you ever thought about what your schedule would potentially look like in FI?

If not, do you believe that you will eventually get into a routine when you eventually achieve financial independence based on your values and interests?

If you have thought about what your schedule would be upon achieving FI, have you achieved FI yet and did your schedule end up being relatively similar to what you thought it would be? 

As always, I appreciate your readership and welcome your comments in the comment section below!


  1. Life is all about striking the right balance. This especially holds true while on the path to FIRE.

  2. Albert,

    Thanks for the comment and I couldn't agree more.