Tuesday, March 10, 2020

February 2020 Dividend Stock Purchases

As I'm writing this post, the Bucks are fresh off a tough 113-103 loss to the LA Lakers in LA.

Despite the fact that the Bucks lost and their record is now 53-10, I still really can't complain.

Going into this week, I knew the Bucks would at least face tough tests against the Miami Heat and LA Lakers on the road, so I was entirely expecting the Bucks to lose one or both of those games.

I still fully expect the Bucks to finish with a 2-2 record for the week after their game against the Phoenix Suns tomorrow in Phoenix.

Although I still expect them to easily break their franchise best record of 66-16, the Bucks are bound to have games against talented opponents that they end up losing.

Despite these losses, I believe they will end up helping the Bucks learn how to battle through adversity that will pay off in May and possibly June.

With that said, let's delve into the actual intent of this post and examine my stock purchases for February 2020.

Retirement Account Activity:

I entered the month of February with 91.109 shares of my mutual fund holding, Capital Income Builder (CAIBX). I exited February with 94.776 shares of CAIBX.

As a result of the $244.57 in capital contributions between myself and my employer (and $233.54 in contributions net of sales charges), I added 3.667 shares of CAIBX, which boosted my annual forward dividends by $7.85.

This equates to a 3.36% yield net of sales charges on the $233.03 of capital deployed.

Taxable Accounts Activity:

Transitioning to the Robinhood account, the only purchase that I made was my purchase of 1 share of Royal Dutch Shell (RDS.B) at a cost of $50.20.

This works out to a 7.49% yield and added $3.76 to my portfolio's annual forward dividend income.

The last bit of activity came within the Robinhood portfolio, with my purchase of 1 unit of Energy Transfer (ET).

For a complete discussion of my rationale for ET being a top 5 holding in my portfolio, I would refer interested readers to my recent Seeking Alpha article on the company.

The $11.69 cost of the unit equates to a 10.44% yield and added $1.22 in annual forward distributions to my portfolio.

Concluding Thoughts:

February was a relatively light month in terms of capital deployment.

Overall, I deployed $295.43 in capital after the sales charge in my retirement account, which equates to a 4.34% yield when considering that I added $12.83 in annual forward dividends for the month.

My forward annual dividends increased from $929.04 to enter the month to $944.87, with the remaining $3.00 increase in forward annual dividends coming as a result of dividend increases in February.


Did you open any new positions last month?

Are you approaching any dividend income milestones?

As always, thanks for taking time out of your schedule to read my purchases during February.

I look forward to replying to any comments that you are free to leave in the comment section below.


  1. With 2 days of outage in Robinhood,its slowly falling out of favor.Congrats on the purchases,RDS is one of the stocks i own.

  2. desidividend,

    That's true. It's quite frustrating for Robinhood to not work seamlessly at the time when it is needed most in the midst of a correction. Thanks for the comment.

  3. Hey Kody, thanks for sharing your recent buy. An extra $12.83 in annual dividends really helps. I added to CM recently. And I enjoyed that game vs the Lakers (I am a Lakers fan even though I'm from Toronto). Hopefully the season or playoffs resume soon.

  4. Graham,

    Thanks for stopping by and commenting. Congrats on your purchase of CM! We'll see what happens, but I really hope the season resumes in a few weeks.