Tuesday, March 12, 2019

February 2019 Dividend Income

Another month has passed and we are already approaching the Ides of March. March Madness will soon be upon us, the NBA Playoffs will begin in just a few weeks, and the MLB will soon begin its regular season. Spring will soon actually be in the air. But until that point in time, it's probably best for me to get some writing in while the weather is still awful. With that said, it's time to delve into how much dividend income our holdings provided for us in February.

Overall, I received $43.14 between my Robinhood and M1 Finance portfolios. Of that $43.14, $42.80 originated from 12 companies in my Robinhood portfolio. The remaining $0.34 came from 15 companies in my M1 Finance portfolio.

This is a 4.2% quarter over quarter increase compared to the $41.42 collected in November 2018 and a 31.9% YOY increase compared to the $32.71 collected in February 2018!

Breaking it down, the $0.34 that came from M1 Finance is $0.05 more than November, but there were some notable changes that led to the $1.67 increase compared to the previous quarter, including the following:

Being paid dividends for the additional share that I picked up shortly after AbbVie (ABBV) went ex-dividend on the prior dividend, in addition to the 11.5% raise announced by AbbVie since the November dividend was paid. This resulted in a $1.40 increase in income.

I also collected an additional $0.02 from Realty Income (O) as a result of its 2% dividend increase compared to November 2018.

I collected an additional $0.06 from EQM Midstream Partners (EQM) compared to November 2018 as a result of its 1.3% increase announced shortly after the previous dividend was paid.

Moreover, I collected an additional $0.03 from Enterprise Products Partners (EPD) as a result of its  0.6% dividend increase announced shortly after the previous dividend was paid.

Finally, I collected an additional $0.16 in dividends from AT&T (T) as a result of its 2% dividend increase.

Although I didn't add any shares to any of these companies in over 4 months or initiate any new positions for the middle months of quarters, my income increased a bit and that's all I can ask as I finish paying my way through my last few months of undergrad and save to buy a car in cash. Fresh capital will continue to remain relatively limited, so dividend increases and reinvestment will be the driving force for growth in dividends for the last 10 months of this year.


How was your February? Did you add any new names to your portfolio? As always, thanks for reading and I look forward to reading and replying to your comments.


  1. I had a dividend of $173.07. You can see from this post http://dsfi.yingjiehu.com/dividend-income-february-2019-173-07/
    I am using Robinhood, too. But robinhood doesn't have reinvestment function. I hope that reinvestment can perform automatically.

  2. DSFI,

    That's a solid amount of dividends right there. As far as Robinhood not have a reinvestment option, the absence of that feature is one of the very few drawbacks of Robinhood. Thanks for the comment.

  3. Great job Kody! $40+ for February is a great start and you definitely have time on your side to let compounding do its thing. I wish I had started at your age, but as the saying goes the best time to plant a tree was 20 years ago, the next best time is now.

  4. Passive Income Pursuit,

    Thanks for the support! February was certainly a solid month for dividends and it'll be interesting to see what the last middle month of the year brings in November. You're doing very well in terms of dividend income. Congrats on getting started. You'll be enjoying that shade soon enough, my friend.

  5. Excellent, excellent month Kody! I really like it and the progress you continue to show. Can't wait for baseball to start here and I even got to attend my first ever spring training game this year. This season should be a lot of fun for the Indians and hopefully this pitching staff can guide us to another victory.


    1. Thanks, Bert! I'm looking forward to seeing what the Bucks can do in the next couple months. I'm also curious how the Brewers' season will play out after last year's run. Meanwhile the dividends keep coming!