Tuesday, June 11, 2019

May 2019 Dividend Income

It's incredible to think that summer is unofficially here (we had our first 90 degree day of the year in Wisconsin) and that the MLB All-Star Game is just around the corner. With that said, it's time for us to discuss how much May provided for us in terms of dividend income.


Overall, I collected $44.04 in dividends during the month of May. Of this, $43.70 came from 12 companies in my Robinhood portfolio. The remaining $0.34 came from 15 companies in my M1 Finance portfolio. The $44.04 in dividends represents a 2.1% quarter over quarter growth compared to February 2019, and a 30.1% YOY growth compared to May 2018.

There were a number of changes from February 2019 to May 2019 including the following that accounted for the $0.95 increase in dividend income:

Williams Sonoma's (WSM) dividend recent dividend increase accounted for an additional $0.30 in dividends per quarter for me, which showed up in May.

I also received dividends on an additional 5 shares of Energy Transfer (ET), which increased my dividend income by $1.52 from February to May.

I also received dividends on an additional share of AbbVie (ABBV), which was a result of my recent sale of Omega Healthcare Investors (OHI) shares to close my position. This increased my dividend income by $1.07.

Speaking of OHI, the two sales of OHI reduced my dividend income by $5.94 and were used to buy a share in ABBV, Dominion Energy (D), and Magellan Midstream Partners (MMP).

The addition of MMP shares to my portfolio increased dividend income by $3.02.

I also benefited from both a dividend increase from Tanger Factory Outlet Centers (SKT) and an additional share. This increased my dividend income by $0.41.

A dividend increase from EQM Midstream Partners (EQM) also raised my dividend income by $0.06.

An additional share of Enterprise Products Partners (EPD) and a dividend increase raised my income by $0.46.


While this month wasn't spectacular growth compared to February, it was still growth and I consider that decent progress for where I'm at in life. I'll soon be graduating college and I'll have significantly more capital to invest next year after I have a car paid for in cash and a small emergency fund established.


How was your month? Did you have any new dividend payers? Close any positions like I did? As always, thanks for reading and I look forward to replying to your comments.


  1. Great month Kody! The all-star game is actually in Cleveland this year. The fanfare around the city is exciting. I'm planning on going to some of the festivities with my wife and daughter. IT should be a lot of fun!


    1. Bert,

      That's pretty exciting. Between the NBA offseason and the MLB season heating up, the All Star Game is always an interesting time of the year. Thanks for the comment.

  2. Great stuff Kody! Just keep at it and before you know it you'll be knocking out $100 months every month, then $200, then $500...

    1. PIP,

      Thanks for the comment! I should be hitting my first $100 month early next year, and I couldn't be more excited.

  3. Enjoy your dividends Kody. I used to have ET but I sold them because of the tax headache. I received dividends of $55 in 2018 from ET and I needed to file K-1 for this. The worst part is that I paid my tax accountant $150 extra to file K-1. So I decided to sell all of my MLPs.

  4. DivforLife,

    Thanks for the comment. MLPs can certainly be a headache. Luckily, I've had decent experiences with MLPs outside of a bit more tax prep time.