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Hi, my name is Kody. I'm 21 years old and live in Central Wisconsin. I graduated from Mid-State Technical College in Summer 2017 with an Associate's degree in Accounting. Last Fall, I enrolled at Lakeland University to complete my BA in Accounting. I expect to graduate in August 2019. I currently work in the legal field in a paralegal capacity.

From the time I was roughly 10 years old or so, I've always enjoyed personal finance. It wasn't until about 5 years ago that I discovered the concept of Financial Independence Retire Early (FIRE) and the Dividend Growth Investors (DGI) community, that I took that passion to the next level and began to avidly follow blogs, such as The Conservative Income Investor, Joshua Kennon, MrFreeAt33, and many other fantastic blogs that have molded my views into what they are today.

I was always a fairly sensible person when it came to finances, but it was upon discovering these blogs, that I began to internalize that my life didn't have to follow the cookie cutter mold of working 40+ years at a job I didn't particularly enjoy to purchase consumer goods that I didn't need, all to impress people that I barely know. As a result of this, I began investing in at 20 years old in September 2017.

My ultimate goal is to retire by the age of 35 to pursue my passions, such as investing, writing, and following sports as I am an avid fan of the Milwaukee Bucks, Brewers, Green Bay Packers, and Wisconsin Badgers. If you would like to check on my progress toward FI, you can view my dividend income page here. That can be compared to my goals page here to see if I am on track to achieve my goals or not. I aim to inspire those that also seek financial independence through dividend growth investing, and to prove like the authors of the blogs I frequent, that financial independence isn't just a possibility for those who are celebrities, professional athletes, heirs/heiresses, or 20 something tech millionaires, but also a possibility that can become a reality for average people with an extraordinary amount of determination and grit.

I truly believe that the FIRE and DGI communities are absolutely the most supportive and engaging communities on the internet. It is my pleasure to share my journey on the road to financial independence with readers like you.

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