The purpose of this goals page is simply to put my goals in a digital format for myself and others to view. I believe the publicity of these goals via this website will hold me accountable and make it more likely that I will achieve my goals.

Long-term Goals

1. Dividend Growth Portfolio of $400,000 in 2018 dollars by 2032 (Age 35) - In progress

2. Earn annual dividends of $15,000 in 2018 dollars by 2032 - In progress

1. $11,000 portfolio - Failed

2. Earn $350 in total dividends - Succeeded

2019 Goals

2019 Financial Goals

1. Collect $550 in dividends - Succeeded - Collected $615.29 in dividends in 2019

2. End 2019 with $600+ in annual forward dividends - Succeeded - Ended 2019 with $873.51 in annual forward dividends

3. Amass $15,000 in investments - Succeeded - Ended 2019 with over $20,000 in investments

4. Buy a used compact car in cash - Failed - I didn't find a car to purchase in 2019

2019 Personal Development Goals

1. Continue publishing 1 blog post every week - Succeeded - wrote 52 blog posts in 2019

2. Publish at least 50 articles on Seeking Alpha - Succeeded - wrote 83 articles in 2019

3. Secure an entry level accounting/finance position - Succeeded - Started accounting/finance position at my current job in June 2019

2020 Goals

2020 Financial Goals

1. Collect $1,200+ in dividends for the year - Failed

2. End 2020 with $1,450+ in annual forward dividends - Failed

3, Amass $35,000 in investments/end 2020 with a net worth of $45,000+ - Failed

2020 Personal Development Goals

1. Continue to publish one personal blog post each week - Succeeded

2. Publish at least 52 articles on Seeking Alpha for the year and reach 5,500 followers - Failed

Financial Goals

1. Collect at least $1,800 in net dividends during the year

2. End 2021 with at least $2,200 in net annual forward dividends

3. Amass at least $55,000 in investments/end 2021 with a net worth of at least $65,000

Personal Goals

1. Publish 1 blog post each week

2. Publish 1 Seeking Alpha article each week

3. End 2021 with 8,000+ followers on Seeking Alpha


  1. The amount of dividends sounds high for the investment total you are looking for at the end of 2021. The forward dividends represent 5.3% total dividend return (before tax).
    Since you are early in the way, don't you think it will be better to look for stocks with better dividend growth?
    Good luck !

  2. Thanks for the comment. Since I'm entering into 2021 with net annual forward dividends of just under $1,400 and my goal for 2021 is to end the year with $2,200 in net annual forward dividends, I will need to invest $18k at a 4% yield to reach my goal (assuming dividend reinvestment at a 4% yield and weighted mid-single digit dividend increases for the portfolio). With that in mind, I think it's feasible and a 4% average weighted yield strikes a nice balance between yield and growth IMO.

  3. How do you calculate YoC for stocks that have been repurchased at different cost basis.

  4. Dwgnome,

    While I use my average cost basis for calculating my yield on cost, it may be appropriate to do so for each lot. For instance, my YOC on LOW went down dramatically today since my average cost basis went from $72 and change to $97 and change with the purchase of an additional share. Thanks for the question.